Dental clinic «Premiumdent»


    dental clinic «Premiumdent»
    Many thanks to Elena Valentinovna Kib, dentist surgeon, for professionally removed wisdom teeth, it was quickly and now ...everything is healing well.
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    About us

    Highly qualified full-cycle dental care at affordable prices, taking into account the individual diagnosis of the patient, is in the new dentistry in the center of Minsk.

    Experienced dentists will carry out a complete diagnostic of the teeth and oral cavity and take care of the health, beauty and attractive smile of each patient.


    Team of highly qualified, talented and ambitious dental specialists has gathered in the smart space. The desire to provide professional dental care, prescribe an effective treatment, make possible alternative recommendations for the treatment and care of teeth are the main conditions in the work of our specialists.

    The dental center “Premiumdent” provides all dental services:

    • Therapeutic dentistry
    • Orthopedics - prosthetics
    • Periodontics
    • Orthodontics - bite correction
    • Dental Surgery
    • Dental implantation
    • Pediatric dentistry - dental treatment in children and adolescents
    • X-ray and dental diagnostics

    Additional services:

    • Teeth whitening
    • Dentistry for pregnant women

    Advantages of the dental center “Premiumdent”:

    • Modern dentistry, created in accordance with the latest sanitary and hygienic standards of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus;
    • Yunevich Natalya Vasilyevna is the head physician of the highest category with a practical experience of more than 25 years;
    • Doctors always work with a professional assistant, for maximum patient comfort and concentration of the doctor while working with the patient;
    • Reception at any convenient time, including urgent dental care;
    • Primary examination by a dentist-therapist is free of charge (subject to subsequent treatment in our center), as well as other promotions and discounts for patients;
    • Individual service and tracking of the patient’s further health status at all stages and after treatment;
    • Electronic file of each patient (storage of all images and records);
    • Full escort of tourists: meeting at the airport, an apartment near the dentistry and, if necessary, an interpreter are provided for foreign citizens;
    • The center is located in the center of Minsk;
    • Free parking.

    Specialists of the dental center “Premiumdent”

    The medical staff of the dentistry treats all patients with special care and attention and offers a quality service that guarantees a painless treatment and a speedy recovery. Doctors have a wide specialization and experience of more than 20 years, which allows to provide immediate assistance and ensure an effective treatment process. They constantly improve their skills by participating in medical seminars and studying the latest technologies and techniques in the field of dental care.


    The treatment is guaranteed to be high quality and painless thanks to the new technologies and modern dental equipment of the latest generation:

    • Diode Laser, intended for therapeutic, surgical manipulations and laser teeth whitening.
    • An intraoral camera that allows continuous video recording of the treatment process.
    • An endomotor with an apex locator, providing dissection of any dental canals, including curved canals.
    • Digital dental X-ray machine with a wide range of possibilities.
    • The autoclave guarantees observance of full sterilization of all tools.

    Specialists use modern tools and high-quality materials from leading manufacturers in Germany, Japan and the USA.

    Friendly staff of the dental center “Premiumdent” will promptly and efficiently provide a range of health services and help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile for many years!

    Premium quality for everyone!

    Komarovka, Selhozposelok
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